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My apologies to Live Journal for thinking it was their problem that I couldn't post photos the other day. Turns out the pics weren't in jpeg format so they wouldn't load/open/whatever.

Here they are:

Beautiful Fall weather


Pretty Spriggs in fall leaves.




Squirrel dogs!


Little Cowgirl


I was in the kitchen and had taken out two gingersnaps to snack on. I turned away for a minute and when I looked back I saw only one gingersnap. Where could it have gone?


Still besties.


Poor Devon will put up with anything for a cookie.


And in honor of Throwback Thursday:

Me and hubby with his Great Aunts in 1975. I still have several pieces of the furniture in this picture. I love that the t hints I have in my house have significance and aren't just random pieces bought in a store.

1975_06_03_Nans_90th_11 copy

And me with Jemma, my first Dobe adopted from the shelter. She was my first performance dog and we competed in Obedience and Tracking and did literally hundreds of hours of nursing home visits. Such a sweetie pie and loved to work.


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Interesting assortment of photos, pretty much covers everything! I love the gingersnap photo with the eyes just showing above the countertop in the background. Purely innocent eyes.

Zodi finds it very convenient to be able to reach anything i can. I thought it was sweet of her to leave one cookie for me.

That squirrel tree looks AWESOME! I'm sure all sorts of critters live in that great big scar. Coooool....

Great photos.

We have so many squirrels on our property. And crows, too. They drive the dogs nuts but keep them well exercised.

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