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Here’s a unique opportunity for vehicle searches in Hillsborough, NC. We’ll be searching 3-5 passenger vehicles inside my training building. Searches can be done with the doors open or closed, with fans running or not to offer some fun and challenging searches. There will be two searches per dog and there will be three levels offered. We will start with Level 1/NW1 and do two different searches for those signed up for that level. We’ll then set up for Level 2/NW2, run two searches and then go to Level 3/NW3. You can search blind, blind with coaching and/or know all or some of the hides. Start time is 10:00 am on May 7th, 2016.

Please sign up on the “Classes” page under “Sniff N Go” on my website at www.AscentDogTraining.com.

Posted by Julie Rice on 3 May 2016, 15:08

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