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Petition update - You're All Awesome

Petition update - You're All Awesome

We're up to 5530 signatures in 2 days.

Front page news on major media. Psychology Today did a piece on The Pig Slayer video and Cesar's abuse adding our petition in the article. The Examiner did a piece. Dodo posted a great blog about it. Dogster is doing a blog about it that will be out tomorrow or today for some of you, the 10th.

I've been contacted to do several interviews.

People are contacting me from around the world asking if they can use the Dog Decoder app in seminars and workshops.

Lili Chin drew an awesome exact replica of a scene from the video with an explanation of displacement behavior that is going viral as I write this. I've attached her pic. Copy, save it and share it.

Nat'l GEO has pulled their video. They're not happy.

Cesar's going to be in Cedar Falls for a Q and A and we've had 2 days to prepare to get news media there to ask him why he used pigs as bait for a known pig killer.

PetzVetz has agreed to take Cesars picture off their product because several veterinary behaviorists had a talk with him at the Western Veterinary Conference yesterday, explaining why he's not a good candidate to endorse them and they also agreed not to renew their contract with Cesar.

Many of us have written letters to the CEO of Nat'l GEO and none of has heard back. Thanks for writing, keep writing!

We still have lots of work to do and we need to stay the course and keep focused by sharing, tagging and doing it again. This is a great time to learn how to be a pest. The more you share it the more awareness we are bringing to the animal cruelty that continues around the world.

Thanks to all of us. WE ROCK!
~Jill Breitner

Posted by Julie Rice on 10 Mar 2016, 13:49

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