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Still Here
It's been quite awhile since I posted here. I find it really hard to find the time anymore for more than a quick post to Facebook so even though I can think of at least 20 other things I should be doing, I'm going to try to get this written before I have to fly off again.

I'm so glad Fall is finally here. It was a long, wet, humid summer which was made even worse by the trillions of mosquitos that would swarm me every time I was outside for more than 30 seconds. They're still around because it hasn't actually gotten cold enough to kill them yet but the numbers are reduced enough that I can sit outside without scratching all my skin off.

I'm thrilled to report that all of us are healthy and doing well. Even Jaime is still chugging along getting deafer but seemingly pretty happy. He is still running across the yard with the others after squirrels and enjoying his bully sticks and rolling in the dead leaves that are starting to cover the lawn. He must be 16.5 years old or older by now and the last check-up he had he passed with flying colors. I am a little afraid he will outlive us all.


I am also pretty healthy nowadays, down about 15 pounds from working out with a personal trainer 3 times a week for the last couple of months. I asked for this for my birthday and my husband agreed to pay for it because there's no way I could afford it. But now, after seeing how much better I feel and how much better I'm moving, I think I would give up a lot to find a way to keep paying my trainer. There's no way I would ever work this hard unless someone else was telling me to do it.

Little Spriggans is still mostly heathen since I don't have the money or time to take dog training classes so she trains in isolation and when she sees other dogs it blows her little mind. I've taken her to a couple of short courses at the local humane society but I'm pretty lax when it comes to training manners on my own.
I have been following along with Silvia Foundations class. I can't afford to send in video for feedback but really, there are so many other people sending in vids that I feel my questions are pretty well covered.
Spriggs did have quite a bit of fun at the Earthdog practice day last weekend, though. She's entered in her first trial in a couple of weeks. I was going to wait as I did with Devon until I had more verbal control over her but she's not as confident as I would like and I was hoping a little bit of ratting would make her a little braver. She's also learning Nosework so she stays busy enough. One day I may even try to do Obedience with her.

Spriggsanddevonat door


I have truly given up the idea of doing any agility with Zodi now. A couple of her toes are always ouchy and she's getting more, not less distractible. It's even making it's way into Nosework and I think is a direct result of her lifestyle which encourages her to scan and protect our 4 acre yard. So I'm trying to counteract it with my training--making Nosework easier, finds shorter and more rewarding and hoping that gets her back on the right track.
Zodi is also focusing on getting ready to show in the Obedience ring. I have a friend who teaches for Denise Fenzi and is a clicker trainer who does very well in the Obedience ring who is giving us lessons in exchange for agility and nosework lessons for her dogs. Zodi loves this type of training and I'm enjoying learning something new.


Little Dev-dev has had to step up to the plate in Nosework since Zodi has had some distraction issues. I have entered him in a NW2 trial next month which I know we're not ready for but it's one of the few ways available to me to learn about NW2 which is a whole lot harder than NW1. He's not really a candidate for Obedinece because he likes to bark when he works but I might do Rally with him. He also does Earthdog and is finally getting a chance to do Masters level at the next trial. We had a practice run last weekend and he would have passed even though he only gets to practice twice a year for a few minutes. I look at it as just a fun day out for the dogs and I since we don't travel for these trials.


Devon is also the one who helps me with Nosework workshops and classes as a demo dog. Zodi could do it but she hates to be in the car or crated with a bunch of strange dogs for hours on end--and who can blame her? So Devon comes along and often Spriggs as well so at least she knows how to travel if nothing else.

My Nosework teaching gigs have slowly increased and I'm going further and further afield to teach them but they in no way pay enough for me to live on so I'm now doing dog walking and pet-sitting, too. It means never having a day off but at least it's bringing in some much needed funds and getting me even more exercise which is helping with the fitness goals.

Well, that's all the time I have. Got to go walk some dogs for money!

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All your dogs look GREAT! Jamie especially. Those old dogs that just keep ticking away... they're my favs.

I know, I'm finding it harder to find time to blog and keep up with other bloggers. I directly blame my interactions on facebook, but also my emphasis on digital photography, thinking about my own future, really sucks up time. Anyway, glad to see this update--of course I see your posts on facebook, which gives me an idea of what's up, but facebook is, on the face of it :-), pretty shallow.

Congratulations on doing the work to improve your health. That takes stick-to-it-iveness for sure, whether one is being led by a trainer or not.

Sounds like you've got a lot of dog activities in your life--I know it doesn't pay super well, but it does strike me that these can be fun and less stressful activities than a lot of other things one might be doing. I do hope that you're enjoying it all.

Really great to hear how you are doing! Thanks for checking in. And, go Jaime! Wow!

So good to hear your stories! I am happy as long as we still get to hear them every now and then. Love to spriggs (I have a soft spot for heathens)

I hear what you say about Little Spriggans. Joey could use an obedience class. He too goes crazy when he sees dogs or people to greet.

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