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Another Post?!
I feel the need to post rather than just lurk and comment on others' posts. Seems rude somehow.

Nothing much is new though. I'm getting ready to go to VA next weekend to compete in a Nosework trial with Devon and this will be our first time competing at the NW2 level. I don't think we're quite ready for this but Nosework trials are few and far between so I thought it would be a good chance to learn more about this level. Nosework is different because there aren't many options to learn from experienced handlers in this area. The closest people I could take lessons from are at least 3-4 hours away so this trial will hopefully give me a chance to learn a bit about what we need to work on.

And last weekend Devon and Spriggs got to do Earthdog. Devon got a Masters leg and Spriggs got her IQ (Intro to Quarry) certificate and a Junior Earthdog leg which is her very first qualifying leg in anything. They both had a wonderful time and it's a no brainer for the handler so I like doing this twice a year.

I'm also trying to get Zodibear ready to compete in Obedience. I've been trading lessons with Hannah Branigan and Zodi really enjoys doing Obedience. It's no wonder the way Hannah teaches it (she's teaching an on-line course for Denise Fenzi, too). It's all clicker tricks and all new from when I used to do Obedience.

I haven't made much progress with teaching Spriggs agility though. I need to bring some equipment to my house because I just don't have the time to drive to the field to train every day. I like to go out and just train for 15 or 20 minutes/day but right now all I have is a few jumps and my 2 x 2s. Spriggs is doing Nosework now but that doesn't really get her trained in all the practical stuff like oh, coming when she's called. She does great in the yard, etc, but show her a distraction like another dog or a person and she loses her little mind. I haven't been able to take any classes with her the way I have with my other dogs because there's nothing (good) offered during the day and I'm usually teaching in the evening. At least she's small so even when she's being a pill, it's easy to just pick her up :-)

We're having a beautiful Fall and every day I feel so lucky that I get to be outside and with my dogs every day all day. I get to make my own schedule and even though being self employed can be really stressful, I couldn't ever go back to a regular job where I had to leave my dogs for hours every day and be inside when the weather is so gorgeous. That ability to decide to go for a hike or to train my dogs when it suits me is so important to me that the lack of funds to do much is worth it. And I feel like I've learned a lot in 19 months, too. I've travelled, I've tried new things and we've added two dogs to our family. I just get more and more comfortable with this lifestyle all the time.

Note: I was going to add all kinds of cute doggie pics but LJ won't upload any of them. No idea why. I'll try again some other time.

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Ahhh, retirement sounds so lovely! Glad that you have the option to do that.

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