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Whole Lotta Nosework Goin' On
I've been so busy lately but it's all fun stuff so I'm not complaining.

So, let's see, I think in my last entry I was busy teaching Nosework and that part hasn't changed. I've actually done a couple of out of town workshops, about 2 hours from here. I taught two 3 hour workshops with a total of about 16 dogs and a couple of auditors. It was a mixture of people with Conformation and Performance dogs and people whose pets had done some classes here or there and a couple whose dogs had never been out of the house (!) Not at all hard to switch gears between dogs, that's easy, but how to deal with the lady who brought her dog in to search wearing an electric collar and the guy whose pistol fell out of his pocket when he bent over to pick up some dropped treats. Here I am asking people during introductions if their dogs will have any problem with me taking away a box full of treats while they're eating and meanwhile one of the dogs is on medication for a couple of bites to house guests. Clearly I need to provide a questionnaire for the organizers before accepting their registrations. That's OK, I learn a lot from these workshops and they keep me on my toes. Here's a pic I took of the Terriers during our lunch break.


I've got a couple more workshops scheduled down there already because they liked it so much and a woman with a fantastic BC who is taking private lessons. I have another couple of workshops to teach at the end of this month but I think they'll be a lot more staid than these were.

I've also been to three Nosework trials, two with Devon and one with Zodibear. We are  now at the NW2 level which is more complex in a lot of ways and really messes with your head. the first one was with Devon and I was so nervous that I called Alert before he indicated to me that he'd found the hide, the second one was with Zodi and she did a fantastic job and found every hide and got her title. What a great dog. The third time was Devon's turn again (I can't trial with Zodi at NW2 again since she has her title now) and we got 6 out of 8 hides. I still haven't totally figured out what happened with that one. He seemed to be crittering part of the time which freaked me out and caused me to not handle very well. We're entered in one more trial in a couple of weeks and hopefully that will be the charmed third time for us. Here's a picture of him during the container search alerting on a "hot" suitcase.


 I don't have one of Zodi at her trial yet because the photographer is taking a long time to post them. I hope she comes through with them soon.

The day after tomorrow it's time for Nosework camp in Georgia again. This is something I look forward to all year. I get to work my dog and watch lots of other dogs search for 3 and half days. I'm taking Zodi again this year instead of Devon but I'll take him to the one I'm going to in September. Zodi doesn't really like to travel but I'm hoping she'll become more comfortable with it the more we do it. This year I'm sharing a cabin with three other people I know, including my niece and her dog. Can't wait!

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You do make it all sound like so much fun. And so, er, interesting, some of the folks you've encountered. Congratulations on Zodi's title!

I really have found my "thing" with Nosework. I find it endlessly fascinating in a way I never have with agility. And we certainly do get some strange ones when we open classes up to the pet owner who has had very limited exposure to learning theory. Most of the folk who really get into Nosework are more likely to be lower key, more laid back than the average agility competitor since there is extremely limited opportunity to spectate at Nosework trials. Also, there are many fewer people involved at this point so it's a much smaller world where there may be more opportunities to form friendships rather than rivalries.

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