August 29th, 2005


Seminar at Cedarfield and other stuff, too.

Got to make this quick because the State Lab inspector is coming today and I've got to make sure all my t's are crossed and i's dotted. (Or should it be "i"s and "t"s. Someone please help me on that one, it bugs me not to know but not enough to look it up.)

Melanie gave a seminar for 5 of her students from VA on Saturday morning which was fun to watch but too basic for me to bother getting Jaime out. Instead I got Devon out and had him doing sits and downs and circle work while they were walking their sequences and discussing how to make handling decisions. I even took him out and lined him up in front of a jump and let him jump it.

Saturday afternoon Pam came by on her way back from seeing Marcellin-Little about Hope and her "slipped hocks" that Pat Hastings told her Hope had. And also told her (and every other BC owner at the seminar) that she shouldn't do agility or herding with her because of them. Dr. M-L told her that he's never seen or heard of an injury being caused by slipped hocks (although he didn't call them by that name) and that he thought Hope was in fabulous condition. The thing that annoys me more than anything else is not that Pat Hastings goes around the country giving these seminars and freaking people out about their dogs with absolutely no proof to show (much like Chris Zink does) but that people actually believe them. I mean, if any dog was the picture of soundness and health it would be Hope and yet Pam had actually decided to stop doing agility with her until someone talked her into getting a second opinion. And Pam is not some newbie, quite the contrary, just apt to make decisions without enough information.

Sunday morning I just lounged around as it was too hot to do anything outside and I didn't feel like doing housework. But by Sunday afternoon I was so bored I started cleaning just in time to have to hurry to finish before the Young Dog class started at 6:30.

This time Melanie had 3 stations that were actually obstacles and/or very short sequences of obstacles and it was interesting to see how much more distractable all the dogs got. Devon was fine with the ones that kept us moving but the shaping station was a total bust.

But there was one station that had jump-tunnel-jump and we were able to do tunnel jump after some trying. It was so neat to do because it gave me just a glimpse of how much fun it's going to be to run him someday. I've got to start taping our training sessions because before I realize it he'll be doing full height obstacles and sequences and I won't remember what it was like at this stage and the kinds of stuff I taught him.

This weekend is the first trial of the season. I'm looking forward to having fewer classes to run in and running in PII std and jumpers. Jaime is going to blast over those 22" jumps like there's nothing there--I'll have to remember that when I'm planning on how to handle him. Oh, and also I need to do a 22" tire with him so he doesn't get hung up on it. He should be OK with the lower A-frame since mine has been at 5'6" recently. And I have got to get him on the teeter to do some proofing.

Mr. James. It makes me smile just to think about how much he's going to enjoy himself this weekend. Especially since it's a 3 day trial. And when he sees Pam show up on Friday to stay with us he's going to go nuts! Luckily Chuck will be out of town so he won't have to witness the extreme roughhousing that will be taking place in the house.

Well, better go get some work done. If I don't get the new HgbA1c analyzer up and running soon those samples are going to expire and I'll have to get some new ones.


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