February 14th, 2008


Performance Pairs

Another video (hopefully) from last weekend of Jaime and I doing PIII Pairs. Normally I don't enter Pairs but I needed a warm up class for round II of the Steeplechase. I had decided not to enter many classes since I didn't know how the weather would be and because I don't have any specific goals in USDAA right now. But the weather turned out to be wonderful and it was so much more fun running USDAA than AKC despite the pretty crappy courses that it's made me consider going to at least on Regional this summer. 
There's such a big difference in the kind of crowd that shows up for a USDAA trial than for an AKC trial in tis area. The USDAA folk are relaxed, joking around, cheering for people, etc. At a lot of the AKC trials the atmosphere is quite tense sometimes. I'm not sure whythat happens but I know that I've missed seeing my USDAA buddies a lot.