February 23rd, 2008


Exc JWW at Teamworks

 Got to Teamworks with enough time to walk JWW and to walk and run Exc Standard. Standard ran pretty well other than making the mistake of--again--assuming Jaime would do the tire which was in his path but which he ran around instead. When will I learn that I have to handle every jump, every tunnel and every obstacle with him?
Exc JWW was a fairly wide open course other than having a wicked crossing pattern to the weave poles and places where you were forced to run in close to the jump with your dog and then have to turn them very tightly and run back in the opposite direction.
I usually try to handle those by hanging back and using a false turn but my timing has to be perfect or I either pull Jaime off the jump (or cause the bar to fall) or send him too deep which causes him to miss the next jump due to a huge turn.
As you can see in this video (which took me less than 10 minutes to "edit" and then post to You Tube) I make the mistake of trying to send him to a jump and pull back at the same time. Poor James, he tries but I've screwed him up so badly by now that he doesn't really know what the hell I'm wanting him to do. Oh well, there's always tomorrow :-)