March 12th, 2008


Warning: Rant Ahead

I've been trying to plan my spring trialing schedule and find that I can't think of many reasons to do any trials right now.  I'd love to go to USDAA Nationals (I refuse to call it the Cynosport World Games or whatever silly moniker Ken has given it) but not if I have to take a week of vacation time and spend thousands of dollars to do it. 
I still think it's unfair to keep it in Scottsdale year after year. It's supposed to be an agility competition, not a disc dog or dock diving or flyball competition.  It doesn't need to be so big that it can't ever be moved from where it is now.  And at least when Ken was still sponsoring the Spring Festival there was a chance that if you weren't near enough to the Nationals to go to that, you could always attend Spring Festival. But we've heard absolutely nothing about Spring Festival since it was summarily cancelled a couple of years ago. Will it ever come back? Who knows? Will Nationals ever be anywhere but Scottsdale? Again, who knows? 
I think the fact that Ken isn't more responsive to this complaint  is actually making people who feel like me think about giving more support to AKC. At least they reponded to competitors' needs by making the Nationals a stand alone event that moves from place to place. Yes, it's still very expensive to qualify for people who don't find QQs easy to come by and you can't compete with a mixed breed dog but at least I know where they stand.
  So, when I'm looking at trials to attend, there doesn't seem to be any point to signing up for any USDAA  trials or for all those expensive tournament classes. I don't intend to go any Regionals this year and I'm not really a title chaser. Other than getting an ADCH I don't really care about titles. And Devon's still not ready for prime time since I haven't re-trained his a-frame yet . And there isn't any real point in going to a bunch of AKC trials either since I've given up on trying to get Jaime qualified for the 2008 AKC Nationals.I guess the only thing to do is to just stop trialing (other than the ones I've already entered) and focus on training Devon. It's not like I can't think of other ways to spend my weekends but I'll miss seeing my agility friends and I can't quite shake the feeling that I should enter every agility trial close enough to let me sleep in my own bed.