April 9th, 2008


And The Winner Is.....

 Thanks to everyone for your input on my "Choose My Next Dog" contest. I found it very helpful in a way I hadn't anticipated. I was expecting to hear a reason why I should or shouldn't choose a particular breed--or even have someone suggest a breed that would send me in a new direction entirely. Instead I found that every time someone suggested the winning breed I felt glad and every time another breed was suggested I felt petty neutral. So, obvioulsy I had already chosen but either I didn't realize it or the slight opposition to it made me more determined to get one :-)

And the winner is: the Standard Schnauzer! The more I research this breed the more excited I get about having one. They seem to have many of the same traits as Dobes but without the health problems. They're a working breed with a strong desire to be with their people and can do anything from herding to agility to military/police work. Standards are supposed to be very intelligent dogs with a highly developed sense of humor. A good watch dog with a deep voice but not very reactive either with people or other dogs.

Another big plus in this breed is that they aren't a well known breed and the number of registrations has stayed pretty consistent over the past decade. To me this means that perhaps most of the breeders are hobby breeders who are more motivated by just producing nice dogs without going to the extremes you see in more "competitive" breeds. And it looks like there are several good breeders right here on the east coast so hopefully I can actually visit the litter as it develops.

I've been looking at European kennels, too, and have found some really cool pics of what the Standard looks like with natural ears and even tails. At first I thought they were pretty weird looking but the more I look at them the less wierd they look. And from what I can gather it wouldn't be hard to get a puppy with natural ears from a US breeder although I don't know if I could get one with a tail.

Here are some random pics:

I don't know when exactly I'll get one but it'll probably be next summer. I want to give myself plenty of time to do more research and--oh yeah--get Chuck used to the idea :-) Of course, he has no idea I've been doing all this research (it's true what they say about the husband always being the last to know) but I think once he knows more about the breed he'll see it's the right choice for both of us and the dogs we already have.

Again, thanks to everyone for their input. anyone who suggested a Standard as my next breed is a winner! Just send me your address in an email to Cedarfieldagility@yahoo.com and you will receive your fabulous gift.