April 16th, 2008


Support for Team Canada

Came across this great fundraising idea on the Agility Nerd's blog (http://www.agilitynerd.com/blog/):

Dear Agility Friend,

Are you looking for courses or tough sequences to practice? Are you organizing fun

matches and spending hours trying to find the perfect courses? Are you in charge of a

training group and want to make sure your training buddies get the most out of your

sessions by honing their skills on "real" sequences and courses? Are you an instructor

looking for new ideas for your next class?

If that's the case, you'll be happy to hear that a brand new ebook has been created as a

fundraising activity for our AAC Team going to the World Championship. More than

25 judges have generously donated official AAC courses to allow us to create this


The ebook contains more than 500 official AAC courses in all classes and levels

(Starters, Advanced and Masters: Standard, Jumpers, Snooker, Gamblers and


Get More Information at:


Thank You for Your Support!