May 7th, 2008


A Not So Fun Walk in the Woods

Poor Mr. James had another seizure yesterday while we were walking in the woods at lunchtime. He had seemed fine when we started out and then he took a little sidetrip into the woods and didn't come right away when I called to him. After a few minutes I turned around to call him again and saw him walking behind me very slowly with his head down looking very un-Jaime-like. I thought maybe he'd hurt himself so I checked him over but didn't find anything. I offered him a couple of pieces of kibble which he ate and started to walk on. He took just a couple of steps and then fell over and started to seize.

It was very much like the other seizure he had a year ago last August but seemed to last longer (but who knows since I don't wear a watch). He never seemed to lose touch with where he was or that I was there with him but I was very concerned that he was going to overheat and have a stroke. But after what was probably about 2 minutes he finally started to relax and tried to get up. I kept him lying down for another two minutes just trying to calm him and let him rest and then I let him get up and we walked home. Once we got home he drank some water and lay in the shade a little and other than seeming subdued and a little anxious, he seemed normal.

By that time my lunch hour was over but I decided to take him to his vet anyway in case he had another seizure when there was no one at home. I got him there about 30 minutes after his seizure and they drew some blood to send out for testing. I had to leave him there overnight because Tuesdays I have to work late but I went to pick him up this morning.

Today at lunch I just sat outside with the boys and read instead of walking them. I felt like Jaime probably needed to rest after an experience like that. He seems fine but you just can't trust Jaime to take care of himself. That dog would work until he died, I'm sure of it.

After I got back, I got a call from my vet telling me that the bloodwork had finally come back and that his glucose had been 49. Everything else was pretty normal but he had weighed only 44 pounds which is 6 pounds less than 6 or 8 months ago. She suggested I draw some blood myself and retest his glucose which is easy to do and will save us about $35-$50 (my bill just for what they did yesterday was $180.00. Most of it was the lab work, though.)

I do hope this is just ideopathic epilepsy and not something like an insulinoma or some other kind of tumor. Jaime has always been so healthy and vigorous that it would be too unkind for him to be sick.