June 12th, 2008


Zodi's first week

Last night Zodi actually slept all the way through the night for the first time since I brought her home a week ago. So why am I more tired this morning than I have been all week? It must just be catching up to me. She's being very good about keeping her crate clean although that doesn't surprise me since she'd only been used to a large x-pen set up at the breeders where she could pee on one side and then play and sleep on the clean side.

I had plans to teach her all sorts of things this past week but what I mostly wound up doing was lying on the floor playing with her and kissing her face. I was surprised by the amount of time I had to spend just teaching her to follow me and to respond when I called to her. I don't mean I expected her to know her name or anything but I would have expected that when I clapped my hands and went "Pup, Pup, Pup" that she would have at least turned her head toward me. She follows the other dogs very readily--too much for their own liking--but she doesn't seem to have gotten much human interaction during her first 7 weeks.

So, the plan for this weekend is to get her her own wire crate and get her out of the Nylabone one she's in now. I want to start playing crate games with her and it's really hard if you can't ever reward from outside the crate. I also need to get her used to walking on a leash and responding more to her name. I started using a clicker to do that and she was definitely getting the idea.

The other thing that I hope will happen this weekend is that she'll get the cup off her head and the sutures out of her ears. She's almost completely stopped noticing the cup on her head which drove her crazy the first few days. Then she can just go to posts wrapped with tape which will be much lighter and less cumbersome. And I'm hopeful that her ears will stand really quickly since the leather is fairly light.

Yesterday I took her to agility class--her first time in public--and had to listen to questions like "Is that a dunce cap on her head?" And if agility people are asking that what kinds of questions will I get from the general public? If it wasn't so important to get her out and get her socialized I might be tempted to hide her away until she's completely done with all the posting. Sigh.