June 14th, 2008


Another Day

I should probably have renamed my blog The Zodi Chronicle since it's bound to be mostly about her for awhile.

Yesterday she got her cup/hat caught on something and jerked her head back so hard she tore half of it off. So I cut off the rest of it and then took the remaining tape off her ears by rubbing her ears with olive oil. Not only did she seem to enjoy the gentle rubbing of her ears, she also clearly relished licking the oil off my fingers.

Today I took her back to the breeder's house so she could help me remove the sutures and put her ears up in posts. After cleaning the adhesive off and cleaning the ears out, the breeder felt they were too moist to wrap up again right away so we left them down until tomorrow.

I've been sending both the breeder and the co-owner of the father daily updates and pictures of Zodi and they really seem to be grateful for both. And after they saw the picture I'm using as her Userpic, I heard they wanted some stacked photos to pass around to some other Dobe people. So here are a few of the ones I took today: