June 24th, 2008


Catching Up With Zodi

It's hard to believe that Zodi hasn't lived with us forever but in reality it's been only 12 days. And each one of those days finds me more head over heels completely in love with her. I spend hours just watching and playing with her, marveling at how cute she is and how everything she does is just so sweet. I'm sure I should be training her to do all kinds of things but I find I'd much rather just get to know her and find out what she likes to do.

I have taken her out to a few places and she spent an evening at agility run-thrus last week meeting many new people and dogs. And I usually do at least a little shaping with her every day but otherwise we're either playing or we're dealing with ears and toenails. She does not like having her toenails done at all. I've tried the dremmel, an emery board and regular clippers but she's not willing to tolerate any of them. I'm afraid I'm going to have to force the issue now while I can still hold her (barely, she's a strong puppy). I try to do just one toenail in each session but now she's wise to me and runs away whenever I pick her up and sit in a certain spot.

The ears haven't been too much of a problem. Every 5 days I take them down for about 12 hours and then put them back up. She acts like she doesnt' mind, even gets pretty sleepy while we're posting them. But I'm tired of it already and wonder if I should have tried harder to persuade the breeder to let her go with natural ears.

Next week she gets her second round of vaccinations and starts her first puppy class which is actually a Tricks class using shaping being taught by a friend. But I should really get her into a regular puppy Obedience class because otherwise she might never even learn to walk on a leash or sit. I'll just carry her wherever I want to go--even when she's 65 pounds and 25" tall :-)