June 26th, 2008


Girl Puppy Woes

For the last couple of days I've noticed Zodi has been squatting to pee almost constantly. Ordinarily I would assume it was a UTI and collect some urine and take it to my lab to do a UA on it. But I was confused because last week she also seemed to be squatting too often and then she'd poop and after that the squatting lessened and stopped.
So when she started squatting in the house and almost constantly outside along with having some loose stools from (I guess) some squeeze cheese I was using to *try* to dremmel her nails (more on that later), I attributed it to her feeling like she had to pee simply because of the straining from the diarrhea.
So I dropped her off at my vet's office for the afternoon on Monday so they could catch some urine and do a UA there. My regular vet wasn't there so she was seen by one of the other vets and she said that Zodi wouldn't pee for them or even squat. But they assumed that I was right about the straining from the diarrhea causing the squatting so they gave me some Tylan for the loose stools and also did a fecal and a gram stain, gave me a heartworm pill and one dose of frontline and charged me $158.00. Ouch.
She did seem to get better for awhile but then started peeing in her crate, in the house and squatting almost constantly outside again. So I finally did what I should have done in the first place and collected some urine, brought it in and did a UA. Sure enough, she has a UTI. And she's had it for days. I feel so bad that I didn't catch it last week when it first showed up. I just couldn't believe that a puppy would have a UTI. But my vet says that because girl puppies have a short, wide urethra, are still a bit immunoincompetent  and are always roling around in the dirt, etc, that they often get UTIs. Of course the last girl puppy I had was Haven and that was 17-18 years ago and she never had one in her whole life so I guess now I know and so do you. I nowv have to drive back over to the vet this afternoon (a 25 minute drive one-way) to pick up some Clavamox so we can start treating the infection today.

Back to the squeeze cheese: Last Monday evening I decided I really was going to have to force the issue with Zodi's toenails because my plan of getting her to cooperate by rewarding her was not working at all. She would happily eat my treats for allowing the dremmel to run near her but wouldn't let me touch her with it even when it was off. She also didn't like having her toenails clipped or even filed with an emery board. So last night I decided I was going to "just do it" and get it done but I didn't'reckon how how much Zodi's grown in the couple of weeks we've had her. There was just no way I could hold her and do anything to her nails. I could barely hold her, period. She didn't growl or get ugly or even cry but she wasn't about to allow me to do anything to her nails. It was almost funny how I would simply touch her on the shoulder with the end of the clippers and she would struggle like I was cutting off her toes. I finally had to settle for her lying without struggling while I held her on her back on my lap or I would probably still be there. Could we already be into adolescence at barely 10 weeks?? How am I ever going to get her nails done?