July 7th, 2008


A Scientific Discussion of the Periodic Table

A new element has just been discovered and added to the standard periodic table:

Zodium (pronounced /zoe-di-um/) is a chemical element with the symbol Zd and atomic number 37. Zd is a soft, velvety-black metallic element of the alkali metal group. Zd-87, a naturally occurring isotope, is a very slightly spoiled but very sweet element. Zodium is very soft and highly active, with properties similar to other elements in group 1, like rapid ambulation through air. It can often be found in and around toy baskets, under tables and near cheese deposits.

And in other news:

Man! It's hot here. And humid. And sticky. And nasty. Sitting inside in the A/C feels so good, going outside feels very, very bad. So not much training's going on at my house. I need the structure of a weekly class to overcome my summertime inertia. Luckily, classes re-start this week. I can't find one appropriate for Zodium but I can at least take her along to Devon's and start doing some stuff on my own in other environments.

Zodi's UTI cleared up quickly on the Clavamox and last week she went in for her second round of shots. She weighed 19.5 lbs to Devon's 17 lbs and is an inch taller than him already. Luckily Jaime's started playing with her, too, so that Devon can get a break from the almost constant abuse he suffers from her teeth. She plays oh so nicely with Jaime but then turns around and beats the snot out of poor Devon. He gets into most of the time but sometimes I just have to put one of them away because I can't hear myself think over the noise they make.

I also can't seem to feed Zodi enough food so that she's ever anything but leggy with big, huge puppy paws. I've started feeding her puppy food mixed with full fat cottage cheese, large ProPlan dog biscuits and lots of training treats. And I feed her three times a day. She's just so active whenever she's out of her crate that she burns it off as fast as she takes it in. Her paws are so large that when she's walking on the hardwood floors it sounds like she's shuffling around in bedroom slippers. And she's not large by Dobe standards. As evidence, I submit these recent pictures of her and of her brother. Bet you can tell who's who.

We had a bunch of people over on the weekend and Zodi was a little overwhelmed at first but she quickly figured out that there was a lot of cheese being handed out for simply sitting and looking cute which is her forte. She got a lot of socialization in that evening but in general it's been hard getting her out anywhere because of the extreme heat. I'm hoping I can get a few people together who have puppies right now and do our own puppy class since I can't find one for Zodi.

This Thursday we're having a small get togther at the breeder's house with Zodi and her brother, the sire and grandsire so look for more pics then.