August 12th, 2008


Puppy Party

In between worrying about Devon and researching platelets, I attended a puppy party on Sunday. Several people I know have recently aquired a puppy so a brave person we know volunteered her house for a puppy party. And even though they started out as strangers I think these puppies may have started on life-long friendships. I certainly hope so because they were all such nice dogs and it's fun to think of them all going through classes together and going to their first agility trials together.
Diane Lewis, Premiere Puppy Photographer, attended with her son, Blake who crawled happily among the puppies as Diane got some great pictures. Here are a few:

Notice how much bigger Zodi is than the other puppies. She and Jack, the Standard Schnauzer, are almost the same age although she's a month older than KT the Belgian Sheepdog. And even though KT looks like she's getting the worst of it, let me assure you that she was more than equal to any challenge and played the other puppies into the ground.
It was very much fun hanging out and watching the puppies play and a great way to de-stress about Devon and his problems.