September 2nd, 2008



This little girl is available for adoption in the Atlanta area.

This is what her foster home has to say about her:

"Hey there! I wanted to let you know about a new foster dog I have. She's a really, really nice small dog - about 14" and 12#, and is all legs. I think she may be a jrt or rat terrier / IG cross, but who knows. I think she has a wonderful athletic structure, and is like watching a thoroughbred race horse when she runs, but can maneuver like a quarter horse! These photos really don't do her justice...

She just turned a year old Aug 1st, and was raised in an apartment as an only dog. She's very people-focused and friendly, and gets along well with all my dogs. She listens incredibly well, and is good mannered, & house & crate trained. She played with toys with me from the start - tug & fetch - and is food motivated. (I've had her 2 days now)

I think she'd make someone a wonderful, fun agility, flyball or even disc dog (she was interested in the disc already!), but she'd also be happy just being a pet with an active lifestyle. I mostly just need to find a new home for her quickly, as my house was too full before she came! However, I still want her to go to the right home...."

Leave me a comment if you're interested and I'll put you in touch with the right person.