September 24th, 2008


Devon's Vet

wickydoodle  wanted to know which vet Devon and I saw at the Vet Specialty Hospital so I thought I'd post this bio of him that's posted on the hospital's website.

Dr. Waddle is one of a small group of veterinarians who hold board certification in two specialties. His specialties are oncology and internal medicine with greater than 95% of his caseload at VSH being oncology patients. Dr. Waddle graduated from The Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1981 and spent three years in private practice. He completed an internal medicine residency at The University of Pennsylvania in 1986 and then stayed on for seven years as a faculty member in oncology and internal medicine. In 1993 he came to North Carolina for a faculty position in oncology at the NCSU School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Waddle was in private practice in Durham before becoming one of the founders of VSH in 1997. He is the Chief of Oncology services at VSH.

So you can see he's got a lot of experience and I get to speak to him directly, not some resident who may or may not be even interested in internal medicine. That means there's much less opportunity for miscommunication.  Sometimes at the vet school it's like playing that game telephone; by the time you've asked your question and the answer has been relayed to you through the resident and possibly also the student, it might be almost unintelligible.

Another thing I liked about this specialty hospital was that there appeared to be no other clients there while I was there. So, I had Dr. Waddle"s (pronounced Wah-dell) complete attention. He wasn't getting paged in the middle of our consultation lor distracted by another case ike both of the times I was at the vet school.

Devon's had 2 doses of the Atopica now with no apparent side effects. When I gave him his first dose yesterday I noticed that the instructions on the box said to give it once a day but the instructions on the label printed out by my vet (my regular vet had to fill the prescription since the specialty hospital didn't have Atopica for some reason) said to give it twice a day. When I called to check it turned out the person at my regular vet's office had made a mistake. I wasn't too happy about that. Everyone makes mistakes but I think that it was the office manager who filled the prescription--at least she said she was going to fill it so I assume it was her. I called back to let them know they'd made a mistake and they didn't act horrified or apologetic. If I'd made that kind of mistake you can bet I'd have been horrified and apologetic. Humph.

Anyway, I also wanted to thank everyone for their concern and kindness. I'm feeling especially grateful for Devon's relative health today because of the nightmare of what another agility blogger is going through with her awesome sheltie, Hex. If you aren't familiar with Bernadette's blog, O'Bay Shelties, you can check it out here: Maybe you could leave a word of encouragement and kindness for her as you have for me.