December 23rd, 2008


At The Beach Again

This is the view from my deck this morning. I'm here by myself for a couple of days until the rest of the family arrives to spend a few days together. It's cold here, about 40, but if you can get out of the wind the sun is so strong it feels warm.
I get up early when the sun comes in my bedroom window at about 7:00 and take the dogs out to the beach. It's low tide at that time and the beach is very wide and very empty. The dogs just run and run (and stop to poop) and then run and run. Then we come inside and have breakfast and they all pass out while I sit and drink my coffee and appreciate the silence and the view.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, we'll have so many people we've had to rent another place to take care of the overflow, but I'll miss these quiet times in the morning.
To all my LJ buddies and anyone else who reads this blog, I hope you have a peaceful few days to appreciate your dogs, friends and family.