December 30th, 2008


What Would Happen to Your Dogs If...

You were in a terrible car accident? I'm not just talking short term. Who would take care of them if you were so badly hurt that you couldn't even go home when you left the hospital but had to go to a rehab facility for several months? Who would feed them, walk them, train them, pet them, groom them and take them to the vet? Who would see that they got their medications and flea prevention on time?

What if you had elderly dogs who needed special care? Or what if you had dogs that didn't get along with other dogs?

And what if the only family you had lived hundreds of miles away and had their own families to take care of, jobs to work, lives to lead?

And how about if all you could do was lie in intensive care and worry about your dogs and what would happen to them during the long months it was going to take you to get well? How much would you miss seeing them, especially at a time when you would need them the most?

That's what's facing the friend who was in the terrible car accident a couple of weeks ago. She's still in intensive care and her daughter has to leave in a few days. She can't even receive calls or flowers yet.

I tried to think what would happen to my dogs if both my husband and I were unable to care for them and I realized that I need to have some kind of plan in place. Especially since I have Zodi now. My friend has toy Poodles so it makes it much easier to find people willing to take them. But who would want a 55 lb hyperactive Doberman? Or even a 14 lb. hyperactive JRT? Who would understand that Jaime freaks out at the sound of an air compressor and runs away?

Luckily she's part of the network of people who train and teach at a local humane society. We're trying to find temporary homes for her dogs before her daughter has to leave. Up until now her daughter has been staying at her mother's house so the dogs have been able to be in a familiar environment. Now they're all going to have to be uprooted and sent to different places. It really breaks my heart to think about what my friend must be going through.