March 15th, 2014



ZodisnapCan't remember if I've ever posted this one before. I put 2 ginger snaps on the counter and then took the box back to the pantry. When I returned there was only one ginger snap on the counter. Magic? Black hole?
ZodifaceinkitchenAnother of my favorites. She's such a sweetheart.  Also, just passed her Nosework 2 title on her first try. Only 1 of 5 titles awarded that day (out of 39 dogs). She also got her NW1 title in one try on a day when only 7 titles were awarded. She's so awesome. And so cuddly.
zodidevonxcountyjumpTaken on a cross country field walks on New Year's Day.
Julie1971Just for fun a picture of me from 1973 or 4. Don't you love the glasses?
DevonvehNW2Pikchur of me and Devon at his first NW2 trial in January. This is during the vehicle search.
devonheaddownbasketThis is the basket I keep on top of Zodi's huge crate. I heard a noise from the other room and crept in to see this. He was after a food dispensing toy with one old dried out piece of kibble in it. He's a great Nosework dog, too.
icestorm2014Here is a picture taken the mooring of our recent ice storm. We lost many trees and had no poster for over 8 hours. When we lose power we have no water since we're on a well, we have no heat, we can't even flush the toilets. We'll be cleaning up for weeks.
julieandspriggsSpriggs has become such a little cuddle bunny. She'll come up and ask to get on my lap and just sit like this so I can kiss and cuddle her. What a sweetie.

spriggsanddevoncuddleWhen it's cold outside even Devon will cuddle.
spriggsandchickensSpriggs practicing her stay. Took her to her first agility seminar and she was very good. Especially considering all the dog were working at the same time.
allthreeonlogi love these guys so much.