Cedarfield (cedarfield) wrote,

Pictures from Pisgah

K9specops and I went camping last weekend to Pisgah National Forest. We stayed at a campsite on Curtis Creek and it was a wonderful trip. I knew it was going to be good when we drove up and spotted our campsite.

After setting up our stuff we got down to business and started doing some serious lounging.

The next day we decided to hike up along Curtis Creek to some falls. The day was gorgeous, sunny and about 70. The trail was not steep at all to begin with and we had a couple of very happy dogs running in and out of the creek as we hiked along.

When we finally got to the falls we decided it looked like a great place for a picnic so we brought out the apples, cheese and bread and settled in the shade to eat.

Regular readers of this blog will understand why I brought Jaime along on this trip but not Devon. The falls don't look that high from this angle but they were actually about 20 feet tall and my regular readers know how Devon feels about swiftly moving water. As it was I thought we might lose Nikita once or twice since she was so focused on herding Jaime she didn't notice how close she was to the edge of the falls.

After lunch we set off up the trail which promptly got very much steeper and proceeded in a series of switchbacks to what looked like the top of a mountain. However, no matter how often we told ourselves that we were almost to the top, every time we rounded another curve we were just as far away as before. We judiciously decided to head back at that point and found it much easier and faster hiking down than hiking up.

Sunday we found that we were a little stiff from the clambering around we did on Saturday so we decided to take it easy and just walk along the creek for awhile until it was time to start back.

Again the dogs were more than happy to spend most of their time in the water and clambering over the same rocks we were trying to use making them wet and slippery and trecherous. Luckily the water was shallow and my boots dried out pretty well as we went along.

As much as we enjoyed the hiking, the dogs enjoyed it more. They covered 5 times the distance we did, stayed wet most of both days and literally fell asleep with their faces in their dinner bowls.

This is how Jaime looked for two days.

We had our last picnic on a huge rock in the middle of the creek. It was idyllic and I can't wait to go back.

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