Cedarfield (cedarfield) wrote,

Funtastic Weekend

Well, while everyone else was doing agility, I was not. I was, however, having a great weekend even though there wasn't a dog in sight.
I flew up to MA to attend my nephew's wedding and hang out with my other sister at her house in CT. Saturday morning we spent riding my niece's horse, Rowan. I haven't even been on a horse in 20 years or more so it was very fun to get on and realize that although my muscles were very weak, my seat was still there. And just being around horses again made me realize just how much I miss them. They were as big a part of my life then as dogs are now--maybe even bigger. It started me thinking about how much of my life is taken up with dog training and agility and to reassessing what I want to do with my free time now.

Later we drove up to the wedding and spent a few hours seeing family new and old and watching my grandnephew being carted around by just about everyone at the wedding. this kid is every bit as laid back as his father.

And is anything at a wedding ever as cute as the flower girls?

Sunday my sister and I took a picnic lunch and paddled out to a beach only accessible by water or a very long hike and spent an idyllic few hours lounging on the beach and catching up with each other's lives.

After that it was a real shock to be back at work on Monday but I have some great pics to remind me just how much I enjoyed myself on my non-dog weekend.
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